Funding Opportunities

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Funding Opportunities:

Supporting Innovation

The amount of water we have on Earth remains fairly constant.  It is used and reused and recycled.  There are no “untapped” supplies of fresh water.  Stretching the use of our limited water supplies requires a lot of creativity.  To support these efforts, 大都会有几个激励计划,旨在测试和开发不同的方法来节约和扩大我们可用的水.

Local Resources Collage

Local Resources Program

The Local Resources Program is the linchpin for Metropolitan’s in-region supply development. The LRP encourages and accelerates projects to recycle water, 根据产水量提供直接奖励,处理退化的地下水和淡化海水. 这些项目有助于减少对进口供水的需求,并提高整个地区供水的可靠性. We currently fund a total of 116 projects across Southern California.

Applications are accepting on a rolling basis; member agencies can apply anytime as long as the program is active.

Incentives for Business:

Water Savings Incentive Program

This program offers funding for commercial, industrial, agricultural and large landscape projects that reduce water use.  Project funding is based on the quantity of water saved.  Incentives go as high as $0.60 per 1,000 gallons saved annually over the project life, with a maximum of 10 years.  More than 125 projects have been funded by Metropolitan through the WSIP.

Projects that qualify include:

  • Installation of commercial or industrial high-efficiency equipment
  • Industrial process improvements
  • Agricultural and landscape water efficiency improvements
  • Water management services


Please submit applications well in advance of your anticipated project start date. This will allow time for us to review the project for eligibility, have any questions answered and approve funding before your project begins. Funding for this program is limited and applying does not guarantee payment. 奖励将以先到先得的方式保留给项目,直到资金耗尽为止.

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For questions, email Socalwater$mart
or call (888) 376-3314.


One Water Awards Program

“一水奖励计划”是一项提高用水效率意识的活动,旨在鼓励企业和其他非住宅行业参与 Water Savings Incentive Program. A special awards ceremony celebrated past participants and leaders in the commercial, industrial, 机构部门通过他们资助的项目实现了惊人的节水. 他们的项目遍布六个县的服务区,并因其技术创新而获得认可, environmental stewardship and water sustainability. The recorded event and honoree videos can be found here

On-site Retrofit Program

Metropolitan’s On-site Retrofit Program 直接向大都会服务区内的公共或私人业主提供财政奖励,以将进口灌溉用水或工业用水系统转换为循环水服务. Incentives of up to $195 per acre-foot for ten years of estimated water use are available, with a cap at the actual retrofit costs. Items eligible for incentives include project design; permitting; construction costs associated with the retrofit of imported to recycled water systems; connection fees and required recycled water signage. Systems that are already under construction are NOT eligible for funding.

The program works on a first-come, first-served basis. Applications are accepted until funding for this program is exhausted. Once an application is reviewed and approved, 申请人会收到一份通知,其中包括估计的奖励金额以及必须符合资助资格的截止日期列表. 当所有发票和符合条件的成本得到核实,并且再生水的连接和使用开始运作时,将给予奖励. If a project is disqualified, applicants may re-apply as long as the project is not under construction.

Click here to apply and here for a program overview.  For terms and conditions, click here.

Questions, contact Jewls Lagman.


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Supporting Research:

Future Supply Actions Funding Program

As part of Metropolitan’s long-term One Water resource strategy, 该资助计划促进技术进步,使该地区更好地适应未来供水的不确定性. Since the program’s initiation, a total of $6.5 million has been awarded to Metropolitan member agencies. 该项目资助了二十多项技术研究和试点试验,探索南加州当地供水发展的创新方法. Awards have been given to studies in the areas of recycling, groundwater, seawater desalination and stormwater. 

The 2023 FSA funding round is closed. Awarded proposals will be posted in spring 2024. 关于过去一轮“未来供应行动资助计划”的研究,已完成的项目报告和网络研讨会记录如下. 

Full List of 2013 Funded Projects 

Full List of 2018 Funded Projects 

2023 FSA Workshop Presentation 

2023 FSA Workshop Recording

City of Anaheim - Regional Assessment of Stormwater Capture, Treatment, and Infiltration for Groundwater Enhancement



City of Santa Ana - Restoration of Local Recharge Sources from Invasive Dreissenid Mussels


Las Virgenes市政水区-第二阶段白皮书:利用现有基础设施的可用容量,创造供水和水质解决方案

橙县市政水区- Aliso Creek智能流域网络试点项目




Las Virgenes市政水区-人工智能/机器学习在高级水处理设施中的应用,用于间接饮用回用 



Tools to Evaluate Quantitative Microbial Risk and Plant Performance/Reliability 

Pathogen Monitoring in Untreated Wastewater




Indicator Viruses for Advanced Physical Treatment Process Performance Confirmation 

Addressing Impediments and Incentives for Agricultural Reuse 

Innovative Conservation Program

Metropolitan is always looking for great ideas and ways to save water. This research-focused grant program, in collaboration with the Southern California Gas Company, 使我们能够与公共和私人组织建立伙伴关系,以评估创新节水装置的潜力和可靠性, technologies and strategies. 

The program operates on a two-year cycle. The final reports for 2022 projects will be posted by fall 2024. We are expecting the next round of funding to be available in early 2025.

For questions about the ICP, contact Tina Andry.


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Community Outreach

在大都会的六个县服务区散布着学习保护示范花园, native garden tour stops, 学校课程和社区研讨会都旨在教授水的重要性.

他们的共同点是通过大都会社区合作计划获得的资金, which provides up to $3,000 in sponsorships to community-based organizations including nonprofits, professional associations, educational institutions and public agencies. 符合条件的项目包括与水有关的教育推广项目,如社区论坛, workshops and water festivals, water-themed curriculum and supplies for grades K-12, after-school programs, exhibits, promotional materials and native plant and California Friendly® garden signage.


MWD will be accepting applications starting in July 2024.