Metropolitan honors six organizations for innovative, water-saving projects

Metropolitan honors six organizations for innovative, water-saving projects

‘One Water’ Awards ceremony shines a spotlight on Southern California’s leaders in conservation, 致力于寻找解决方案

Six businesses and municipalities throughout Southern California were recognized by the Metropolitan Water District today for their investments in large-scale water-efficiency projects that together will save more than 1 billion gallons of water over the next decade.

Metropolitan’s One Water Awards ceremony at the California Endowment in downtown Los Angeles honored organizations that used funding from Metropolitan’s 节水奖励计划 to make major improvements to their water management operations and equipment, such as installing smart irrigation technology, water recirculation systems and soil moisture sensors.

“The transformation of daily operations for these organizations translates into long-term, sustainable change for entire communities,” said Metropolitan 总经理 Adel Hagekhalil. “Today’s ceremony demonstrated that when everyone does what they can to use less water, we produce real water savings that benefits millions.”

The following projects were presented with One Water Awards (click on links below for short videos on each project):

  • 中国城市公共工程部
    o Member Agency: Inland Empire Utilities Agency, San Bernardino County
    o Project: Installation of wireless soil moisture sensor systems at all city parks to identify leaks and manage irrigation more efficiently
    o 10-year projected water savings: 112 million gallons
  • City of Huntington Beach Public Works Department
    o Member agency: Municipal Water District of Orange County
    o Project: Recirculation system to save water during fire hydrant flushing
    o 10-year projected water savings: 182 million gallons
  • Los Angeles Department of Parks and Recreation, Arboretum & 植物园
    o Member agency: Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District, Los Angeles County
    o项目:高效灌溉系统 to maintain existing California native plant collections
    o 10-year projected water savings: 350 million gallons
  • 赖斯峡谷牧场
    o Member agency: San Diego County Water Authority
    o项目:高效灌溉系统, high-density planting to save water during avocado-growing operations
    o 10-year projected water savings: 381 million gallons
  • 文图拉县消防局
    o Member agency: Calleguas Municipal Water District, Ventura County
    o Project: Mobile water recirculating system to reduce water waste during firefighting training exercises
    o 10-year projected water savings: 47 million gallons per unit
  • 维多利亚村屋主协会
    o Member agency: Western Municipal Water District, Riverside County
    o Project: Wireless soil moisture sensor system for common areas throughout the HOA community
    o 10-year projected water savings: 58 million gallons

“Drought and climate change have stressed water supplies across the western United States and require us to think differently about how we plan and manage our water,” said Metropolitan Board Vice Chair for 气候行动 Heather Repenning. “The projects being recognized today showcase innovation and adaptation. These are the kinds of solutions we need to ensure a climate-resilient water supply for our region.”

Named for Metropolitan’s approach to water management that values and acknowledges that all water resources are connected, the One Water Awards program amplifies the success of participants in its 节水奖励计划. The program provides funding to commercial, 工业, institutional and agricultural customers that make water efficiency upgrades to their facilities but may not qualify for Metropolitan’s standard commercial rebate programs. 它最多支付0美元.60 / 1,000加仑 of water saved annually through customized projects that are developed by each organization to fit its needs.


Since 1990, Metropolitan has invested nearly $1 billion in conservation programs, saving about 3.500万英亩英尺的水. 一英亩英尺约为326英亩,000加仑, enough to serve three typical Southern California households for a year.

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The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California is a state-established cooperative that, along with its 26 cities and retail suppliers, provides water for 19 million people in six counties. The district imports water from the 科罗拉多河 and Northern California to supplement local supplies, and helps its members to develop increased water conservation, 回收, storage and other resource-management programs.